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Beautifully written Steve
FIFA is a crime syndicate, basically. Extremely corrupt. After he first ran for Congress, Jon Ossoff was the CEO of a documentary production company which produced a documentary called “Betraying The Game” about the football association of Ghana. That film basically took down the enter organization and forced a lot of resignations and restructuring.
Jess, haven’t seen it yet but the selection was obvious since it first took place. I’m watching, but I’m appalled that Qatar was even considered. There are multiple countries that should have been considered first. 3 countries could have been handed the World Cup a month ago and could’ve pulled it off. Mary, I’ve heard the SRS is one of the most polluted places in the country, so I often wonder how bad the water in Savannah is. Sometimes Fine Arts kids can easily spend as much or more time on their craft as athletes. The places we drove to see Emily play in the marching band for 12 minutes still blow my mind. I helped build set pieces for the marching shows, hauled jugs of water or hot cider up stadium steps, lifted sousaphones into trucks. Way more physical than licking a spot for a chair and sitting for 90 minutes.
OK, I have never been to Tenerife, but from everything I've read about it as the gathering place for drunk Brits who are sick of not seeing the sun back home, I feel like that video could just be a typical Tuesday night there. And someone slapped the Wales vs. England label on it to get people worked up. IDK though.
Glad you had a great thanksgiving! And for the record almost nothing is worse than getting chased by a gorilla. No human will win that fight. Jesus how is that a debate?

On T-day Rehash In the blog Luna Tics
Oh and I agree on Walmart parking lots. Walmart should always be neutral ground, a safe zone. A UN of white trash where the marketplace of ideas can rule supreme. It should be a gathering spot for the teens prior to going to Homecoming, the prom, or rushing off to an elopement. Babies can be born in the Walmart lot. Lives begin in the Walmart parking lot. They do not end. Ever. It is a sanctuary. It is not a battle ground. Walmart is Geneva. Sure nobody there can spell Geneva. It that’s besides the point. People who fight at the Walmart should be excited from the county.
Regarding WH: the best fights are INSIDE the Waffle House, not in the parking lot, and if the hash brown cook isn’t beating somebody’s ass while also doing his job is it even a fight? But Waffle House is cliched. It’s like a prison fight. Of COURSE there’s going to be a fight. It’s WH. The best location? Sonic. Specifically the Alma (AR) Sonic, but any Sonic will do. A well-lit lot, spectators in cars watching and eating, parking for those arriving to join in the Donnybrook. The losers take the L, get in their cars and leave immediately. The winners stay and enjoy their motherfucking Cherry limeades like the goddamn champions they are. But for the greatest location possible, and this might be considered a pro against amateurs, my vote is Avenida de Rafael Puig Lluvina in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
I'm going to have to disqualify that entire list for not including Waffle House. Is this person even American? I'm go glad your Thanksgiving turned out well in spite of the speed bumps - and especially glad your dad did so well.
You deserve this so much! After Thanksgivings spent in hospitals, dealing with your ex's bullshit, everything. You deserve a great meal and a great night in with your guys!

On T-day Rehash In the blog Luna Tics
Yay for more days off! Seriously, I am so happy things are going so well in the new gig. You deserve it!!

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